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Square, Inc. is an American financial services, merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company based in San Francisco, California. The company markets software and hardware payments products and has expanded into small business services. The company was founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey and launched its first app and service in 2010. It has been traded as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange since November 2015 with the ticker symbol SQ.

EMILY BARY posted about SQUARE INC.'S worst SQ performance, in a review written and published by MARKETWATCH: “Square Inc.'s stock SQ, -2.56% posted its worst single-day performance on record Monday after more state and local governments placed restrictions on businesses and social gatherings while also ordering restaurants to suspend dine-in service. Square shares dove further toward the end of the session as the Trump administration issued new guidelines, asking those in the U.S. to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people and projecting that the outbreak of COVID-19, the disease brought on by the novel coronavirus, could continue posing issues into July. The stock closed down 28.7% in Monday's session. Its previous record drop was a 21.7% decline on May 6, 2016. Square shares have lost 50% over the past month, as the S&P 500 SPX, +0.05% has dropped 29%”


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Former Employee - Recent Employee says

"I can't speak for Square Inc as a whole, though its Cash App business is hamstrung by exploitive practices, incompetent managers, and inconsistent policies. For example, you may be asked to do a task without training, then when you ask questions, they act as if they had trained you. This is frustrating and makes for a terrible experience. Upper management throws money at HR issues rather than working to understand the challenges to make meaningful change. Often senior management resorts to firing multiple staff who violate policies without adequate training. To make matters worse policies change weekly with little to no notice. Turn over is very high and their solution is mass hiring to replace those they cut. Management pats themselves on the back for hiring diversity. The truth is there is no one of color in upper management positions. To make matters worse they don't check references or perform due diligence in their hiring. All that's required is a minimum required background check."

Former Employee - Customer Success Advocate says

"The company become cut throat and corporate. Customer Success Advocates became extendible and were punished for lack of organization or policy. Management is held less accountable and are coddled. People became afraid and go in survival mode so cliques began to form, some in which wear certain colors on certain days, the "In-Crowd". There is no growth for authentic workers, only family members and suck ups elevate. This company terminated 60 employees in 2 days for corporate disorganization, not at the fault of the advocates. Also, I did not care for the social experiments that they did during meetings. They would record all meeting interactions and study personality characteristics of employees, it was kind of creepy."

Former Employee - Manager Role says

"I'm using this area to give advice to other prospective job seekers about Square. During the pre-Covid times in 2020, I had 2 rounds of phone interviews after which I was asked to come in for in person interviews. I drove almost 60 miles one way to head up to their SF office. The in person interviews went well as per the verbal feedback given by the interviewers and HR said they would reach out to me for the next steps. Couple of weeks go by and i don't hear anything back from Square team. I sent couple of follow up emails to their HR team but I never ever received even a single response back from anyone at Square. Very disappointed with the lack of professional conduct by their HR team. How much of a waste of time would it be for Squares HR team to write a simple email informing candidates that they are not proceeding with them? Isnt that a professional way of handling these things, instead of ghosting someone? Overall interview experience left a bad taste in my mind and I wouldn't ever want to work for them in the future for any role. Around that time, I found other opportunities and accepted an offer from a multi billion dollars revenue company, where I am very satisfied with my work, the team as well as the overall company work culture and the way they treat their employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Lack of employee development Toxic culture (backstabbing, etc.) has me regretting my choice to join Square a year ago High employee turnover as a result of the above (was not aware of this when I joined)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No culture - Founder of cash app brags about having no “mission statement” in our all hands. Justifies it by saying business is booming Product team is generally smart but cliquey Ops team is full of con artists and sharks. Beware Designers are decent but work out of a diff office Did I already mention the CEO is non-existent?"

Former Employee - Accounts Payable Analyst says

"The values of the Company are great, except the culture of the Company could not be more opposite and it trickled down our department. Everything is overly complicated and was visible even after my resignation. I had to jump through loopholes just for a simple work verification of my employment dates."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Working for Square (cash app) was the worst job I have ever had. The leads sit around and do nothing to help the people they are supposed to manage. There is ZERO transparency throughout the entire company. Super toxic and stressful environment to work in. Upper management is terrible and it's basically high school all over again."

Former Employee - Customer Success Advocate says

"I generally loved the company in the beginning . Although, I learned that you are expendable. 55 employees were terminated over a mystery policy violation. I asked H.R. to show me proof of the allegations and they could not provide any proof. I'm still out of work, a year down the drain. Terminated without warning for something I wasn't even aware I did. Current employees are afraid to lose their jobs, and previous employees had to quickly find another job or remain unemployed. Essentially, it was a bait and switch. The company advertised flexibility and transparency. However, the employee is merely an expendable object."

Current Employee - Product Specialist says

"Retention dipped, lack of transparency, poor leadership and many layoffs."

Chris says

"Run by a bunch of revengeful idiots. They are bandits, they operate like the old PayPal that freezes funds for no apparent reasons. Even asking for months of bank statements which has nothing to do with freezing funds. Avoid square period!!! "

Square Professional Services Associate (Former Employee) says

"Little to no management, no career progression. The hours are insane, the building is full of strangers, the best part of the day was leaving the building."

CSA - Customer Success Advocate (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke, they are two faced and play favorites. They are quick to penalize you and fire you, but never there to actually help. They don't care about their customers at all, it's all about making the sale.. crooked corrupt company."

commesso addetto alla vendita (part time) says

"Da quando ho iniziato a lavorare per loro non ho visto ancora un soldo della busta paga.. e tutti i miei colleghi e quelli prima si lamentano che non pagano!"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Homogenous culture with lack of leadership and management. There is no strategy deployed by management. They are young and have never managed. I would not recommend this place to people who appreciate diversity in thought, experience and background. Lots of group think here."

Consultante Senior (Former Employee) says

"mauvais management, mauvaises missions"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you don't have 'a piece of paper' Square treats you like trash. Pretty much if you can do the job, move on to any other Company, they will treat you better. Cons: Square."

Customer Representative (Former Employee) says

"Three week training on products, hardware, troubleshooting, credit card processing, and company history. Then a few sporadic online training. Daily notifications and alerts of "all hands on deck" to say please work as fast as possible and avoid creating internal tickets and emails to focus on phone calls. Very difficult to get answers to questions from managers and other team members. Cons: short brakes, very demanding, little communication between departments"

Recruiting Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked my butt off, but if you don’t fall in their ideal worker mole that is irrelevant. Cons: Terrible management"

Customer Success Associate (Former Employee) says

"I had experience as contractor for their customer support team. They treat contractor bad and over work them. We barely had off days and their mindset was based on replacement instead of developing what they already had."

Customer Service Advocate (Former Employee) says

"WORKING FOR SQUARE IS A SCAM. They get you in by selling you a dream, but don't inform you that you can be fired for random metrics that they come up with then enforce. They also don't tell you that they have a high turn over rate for all employees. This job is a scam and if you have a good job don't leave for this trash. Cons: High turn over rate, Can be fired for make up reasons that they won't show you proof on."

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"The leadership is very poor and the company is not transparent in the things they do. You can be fired for no reason and they will tell you that Missouri is a “right to work state.” If you have a stable and good job I would not recommend you leave it for Square/Cash App. This company has some of the poorest leadership I’ve ever experienced and my time working there was the worst I have ever experienced."

Customer Success Advocate (Former Employee) says

"If you don't like a two-faced company or managers who lie to your face - this is not the job for you. Cons: Stressful and alienating"

Resolution Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They play favoritism to those that are in the “inner circle”. The same rules and policies do not apply to everyone that is on the same employment level. There are opportunities of advancement, you just have to be friends with the right people. It’s not about your abilities. It’s truly all about who you know in what department."

Email Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Don’t waist your time due to poor management. The company expects high tendcys but hard when your bosses don’t know what they’re doing. Worst managers I have ever had in working. Cons: Super poor management"

Square Support (Former Employee) says

"The worst job in my life. The training was only two weeks which nearly isn't enough time to process and apply the mass amount of information once you start taking calls. The management was a joke. Managers not only didnt take calls, but they were not even trained to take calls which makes no sense especially when they had one on one coaching sessions to improve call quality. How can a manager tell an employee how to do a job when the manager doesnt know how to do the job? Very stressful job which is why most people dont like working here. This job would only be good temporarily, but not for long. A job, but certainly not a career. Cons: Poor Management, Stressful job"

Wendy's Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"They need tear down canal rd wendys. They un profesional . The company has nasty attitudes. It was always drama. The manager allowed his girl friend in the back while the money was out. The manager also allowed his girl friend come get free food and drinks. Cons: No breaks horrible managers"

Assistante de Direction (Former Employee) says

"Ce fut un emploi très difficile car c'était un univers qui ne me convenait pas. C'était dans le monde du bâtiment."

Vice Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Quello che è iniziato come il mio primo percorso lavorativo in Italia, pieno d'illusione e con possibiltà di crescita professionale, ormai è diventato un incubo. Mancanza di professionalità, ambiente lavorativo molto difficile devuto ai ritardi nel pagamento dei stipendi e della gestione aziendale, vicina al mobbing. Cons: Rittardo pagamenti stipendio, atteggiamenti prepotente, mancanza di professionalità"

Operations (Former Employee) says

"I loved my coworkers! You can learn a lot about the multiple Square products if you seek it. The most enjoyable part of the job was my coworkers who were all a pleasure to collaborate with and work the hours with. The work environment and job satisfaction can vary greatly by the manager or lead that you work directly under. Compensation is less than the industry average compared to other tech companies. Cons: job satisfaction, work/life balance"

Restaurant assistant manager (Former Employee) says

"my co workers are all good, we treat each other as family, higher positions like the general manager and owner is only the problem"

Deline says

"The country of Georgia is not supported, while pretty much the rest of the world is, shame."

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